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世界心臟日2024 運動健身 起動護心

❤️ 飲食降膽
Low fat and low sugar diet not only help to reduce weight but also lower cholesterol level, thus reducing the risk of vascular occlusion.

❤️ 減重控糖
Obesity is one of the major risk factors for diabetes. Weight reduction can help lower blood sugar levels and reduce the chances of getting diabetes.

❤️ 減壓健心
Being overweight will increase workload on the heart. Managing weight helps lower blood pressure, prevent hypertension, and reduce the risk of other cardiovascular diseases.

❤️ 運動燒脂
Moderate exercise effectively burns calories and fat. It also helps strengthen heart function and maintain cardiovascular health.

❤️ 瘦肚護心
Central obesity significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, losing belly fat is crucial for maintaining heart health.